Mobile grazing herd

Mobile grazing unit of GrassLIFE includes 60 Galloway cattle and around 200 Romanov sheep. It is the first mobile grazing herd in Latvia and the first mobile grazing system in Latvia and Baltics. During the grazing season the herd travels to different locations in Latvia where stays until the meadows are grazed. During one season the cattle can graze around 500 ha of semi natural grasslands.

How it works? During the winter mobile grazing unit stays in winter location, but experts gather information on potential grazing territories in all Latvia and select the most suitable ones for the project. Before grazing, experts evaluate the condition of grassland – the number of species, height of grass, amount of biomass in the grassland. Then mobile grazing unit coordinators set up the electric fence and ensure access to water. After the preparation works the cattle arrives. At least two cows have radio transmitters so we can follow the cattle 24/7. At least every second day the cattle is visited to oversee the process of grazing.

After the meadow is grazed, the cattle leaves for next location, but experts evaluate the condition of the grassland after grazing.

Where mobile grazing units work?

GrassLIFE mobile grazing unit works in grasslands that follow these criteria:

  • The grassland is located in one of the GrassLIFE project locations
  • The grassland is one of the five EU priority grasslands
  • The territory is a part of Natura 2000 network
  • The territory is location outside protected areas and qualifies as a semi-natural grassland.

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